Top Five Security Measures to Make your Home Safer

Published October 4, 2020 in Uncategorized

A well-secured home is a good place to stay, where there is zero chance of housebreak and it is 100 percent safe. Find out how to make your home safer with these top 5 security home measures.

Make your Home Safer

House burglary is not uncommon these days but it should not be taken so lightly, especially when your life and your loved ones’ are at risk. However, these types of scary situations can be minimized by keeping your home well-secured.

#1: Get your doors secured

Believe it or not, the most common point of entry for home-ins are the doors, having 40 percent is forced entry and 32 percent are unsecured doors or improperly locked doors.

If you have recently moved into a new residence, do not give the burglars any chance to break inside your home. Here is one of the essential home security tips and advice that you need, get your doors secured with smart locks, either electronic or deadbolts, and even a video doorbell.

Smart locks are electromechanical locks that are designed with a more sophisticated locking system that allows you to lock and unlock the door without using the traditional key.

How does it work?

Several smart locks today use mobile apps or virtual sites to access the virtual keys. These virtual keys are sent through text messages or email, containing encrypted digital keys that would preset at a certain period if not used. The good part of smart locks is getting notifications when someone is trying to break inside your home. Moreover, using smart locks like this minimizes the chances of thieves accessing the keys.

Also, you should consider getting a video doorbell for extra safety measures, especially at night.

#2: Try to get door and window sensors or glass break sensors

Getting a door sensor will immediately ward off thieves at their first try of breaking in. However, to take things more seriously, you should also consider getting window sensors or glass break sensors for your windows. Remember that windows are another point of entry for burglars; thus, by extending your security measures to the windows will maximize your home’s security.

#3: Use motion-sensing lights

While outdoor CCTVs are great tools to ward off burglars, these devices have blind spots, especially during nighttime. This is why considering installing outdoor motion-sensing lights is another way to maximize your home’s security. These sensors are designed to alarm the homeowners that possible intruders are on their way of breaking in.

#4: Get a smart garage door opener

Garage doors are now becoming a new point of entry for criminals, especially those that are easy to open. So, by investing smart garage door opener with a home automation system will keep you home safe from all types of criminals.

#5: Get your keys organized

Lost keys won’t invite the criminals into your home; unless, your key holder has your address in it or someone knows your place. This is one of the reasons why you should get your keys organized.

Key organizers can help reduce the bulkiness of the keys that you are carrying, helps eliminate time-consuming situations to look for the right key in the sea of keys, convenient to carry, and lets you track your keys when you lost them, especially for key smart key holders.

Final Thoughts

Securing your home with locks and CCTVs are sometimes not enough; criminals these days are starting to get smarter. This is why you should do smart security measures too.

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