Top Guide on How to Choose the Right Portable Projector Screen

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Sometimes making your white bedsheets as a projector screen is a bad idea. There is no way you can just blast the screen’s image on a hanged white bed sheet or at the white wall and expect a good result. If it is about digital film showing, you should only trust portable project screen, where there is a high reflectivity, uniform imagery surface, and a true color performance.


If you are starting to realize that you should purchase one either for training, sales presentation, school, or entertainment purposes, it would be smart to choose a brand that offers nothing but great and clear imagery during film showing.

However, since there are several types of its kind being sold in the market, choosing the best one can be very confusing. Nevertheless, you may directly read right here or you may choose to follow this easy guide on how to choose the right portable screen protector:

1. It should be convenient and compact 

If it is about portable, you should buy a projector screen that is convenient and compact to carry and to store. Even though several portable projector screens are compact enough to be stored neatly, only a few of them are user-friendly or convenient to use, where most of the challenges start when setting up the screen.

Additionally, there are two kinds of projector screens, the projector screen with a tripod and those without one. If it is about convenience, you have to choose a portable projector screen that allows you to set up almost anywhere you go, especially outdoor. So, before you purchase one, make sure to choose one according to where you often use it.

2. Great viewing size and better screen display

If you want an impressive film or any types of digital presentations, then you should choose a portable projector screen that has an impressive viewing size and better screen display. There are several screen sizes you will find in the market today; however, it would feel right to use one with at least 16:9 wide-angle screen displays. Also, it would be a plus if your screen displays HD imagery.

3. Easy to carry

Again, if it is anything about portability, it should be easy to carry or transport; remember that you have to carry two essential tools when it comes to projecting images, the projector machine, and the projector screen. If you do not want to get into any trouble carrying both, you need to find a projector screen and projector machine that is easy to transport and carry.

4. It should be durable

Price is one of the common reasons why some prefer sub-standard equipment. If you want a quality product that is durable enough to last long, you should not solely base your decision according to the price, but you also need to check its specifics.

Final Words

Choosing the right portable projector screen can be very confusing, but that can be resolved by reading reliable product reviews and other open-sources like this.

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