Top Mistakes to Avoid when Brewing Coffee using Coffee Maker

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For most adults, drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is essential – someone has the time to grind and brew their cup of coffee or they are having an instant coffee, every morning isn’t complete without drinking a cup of it.


But did you know that most of the coffee lovers are capable of making mistakes when they brew their coffee using those classic coffee makers? And even professional baristas too.

If you are planning to purchase a coffee maker, there are a couple of good reviews of the best coffee makers today at this site; however, before you spend a couple of dollars, you should know that there top mistakes that you should avoid when using a coffee maker.

#1: Using a dirty coffee maker

One of the common mistakes when owning a coffee maker is brewing a new set of coffee, either ground or instant coffee, the coffee maker was left to be used a couple of times without thinking the carafe or the machine itself needed to be cleaned. For this reason, the brewed coffee won’t taste delicious.

So, if you own a coffee maker make sure that you know how to maintain a clean coffee maker. If you think that cleaning coffee maker can be very tricky, the following are some steps on how to clean the coffee maker effectively:

  • Make sure to empty the grounds on the filter and the coffee in the carafe.
  • Use a cleaning solution to remove coffee stains out of the carafe; cleaning solution is often one part of water and one part of vinegar. Also, you may use cleaning bleach to clean the coffee maker; however, make sure to use it according to the recommended solution and steps.
  • Start to brew the solution through a midway cycle and let it sit for an hour. After one hour, you have to turn on the coffee maker and finish the brewing cycle.
  • If done, throw away the solution and brew a fresh cup of water into the coffee maker. Repeat the process and let it cool for an hour.
  • Lastly throw away the water you have brewed and wipe the residues. Make sure to clean the coffee maker’s accessories too.

#2: Incorrect water-coffee ratio

Another obvious mistake that most coffee lovers would do is brewing coffee with an incorrect water-coffee ratio. If you do this, your coffee would taste either bitter or wouldn’t taste delicious. It is widely recommended to use one to two tablespoons of coffee grounds for every six ounces of water.

#3: Not complying to the correct brewing time

The brewing time is critical to the taste of the coffee. It is important to remember that for every type of coffee maker, there is a corresponding brewing time. However, this brewing basic is often bypassed; either the coffee is under-brewed or over-brewed.

If you want to drink the best-tasting coffee in the morning, make sure to brew your coffee according to the recommended brewing time. Generally, brewing time would take 3 – 5 minutes; thus, when you are done brewing, make sure to turn off your coffee maker.

Additional Mistakes to Ponder

You need to take note of these additional mistakes when brewing coffee using coffee maker:

  • Using incorrect water temperature when brewing.
  • Using old or stale coffee grounds.
  • Brewing your coffee from poor water quality.

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