Top Reasons Why Your Cat Need Wet Food

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Should I feed my cat with wet food? Yes, you should. Read this and find out why.Cat Need Wet FoodDry, wet, complete, and complementary, you’ll find a lot of different kinds of cat food, and choosing between them can be confusing. But did you know that all four kinds of cat foods are essential for your cat’s overall health?

  • Complete cat foods can give your cat all the nutrients needed for growth and development.
  • Complementary cat foods are treats.
  • Dry cat foods are easy to purchase cat foods.
  • Wet cat foods are those expensive canned foods with 70 – 80 percent moisture content.

But can you just give your cat dry food?

Although feeding your cat with dry food is more convenient, it won’t be much healthy for them. To understand why your cat needs wet food too, here are the reasons why:

Reason #1: For their hydration

Most cats avoid drinking water unless it is from the water fountain or the faucet or even from the water on your glass. They want their water fresh. Since they do not drink water as often as they should, they are prone to dehydration. Thus, providing your cat with wet food will help them with their overall hydration.

Reason #2: To improve their urinary health

Dry cat foods are made up of 7-14 percent of water, making your cat prone to dehydration. Adding the sodium content found on your cat’s food it could cause water retention, plus dehydration, which would lead to urinary tract issues. Wet foods are very useful when it comes to promoting more urine, preventing urinary tract problems.

What if you are out of the house and you need to feed your cat with wet food? That is not a problem. There are refrigerated wet cat food dispensers that you can find in the market today same as with dry food – feeding your cat becomes easy.

Reason #3: It promotes lean body mass

Unlike dry and complete cat food, wet food is high in protein content, which helps promote strong muscles. Cats with strong muscles will help them through their senior years.

Reason #4: Prevents constipation

One of the risk factors of dehydration in cats is constipation. If your cats do not drink enough water per day, this could lead to constipation. Fortunately, wet foods can help manage your cat’s digestive health as well as its bowel movement.

Reason #5: It adds a variety

Adding wet cat food to your cat’s diet will bring them satisfaction with their daily diet. Plus, they won’t get bored finishing their food every time you feed them.

Final Thoughts

Cats are low in maintenance; unlike dogs, they do not require too much of your time. Cats do not need walks or regular grooming. However, when it comes to food, you need to consider several things to make them feel and look healthy. Dry, wet, complete, and complimentary cat foods are essential to them. If you want your cat to love you, you should shower them with good food too.

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