Top Safe Lactation Supplements for Breastfeeding Mothers

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Breastfeeding is not only a natural thing to do as a mother to the baby, but it is an essential thing to do to help them grow healthy. In fact, breastfeeding:


•    Help reduce the risk of obesity
•    Help reduce the risk of acquiring Type 1 diabetes
•    Help reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
•    Help reduce the risk of acquiring respiratory infection such as pneumonia
•    Help boost the immune system against colds and cough
•    Protects the body from acquiring gastrointestinal illnesses
•    Help boost the health of the GI tract against vomiting, constipation, and diarrhea
•    Help reduce the risk of acquiring urinary tract infection
•    Help reduce the risk of having meningitis
•    Help boost the baby’s mental, physical, and even emotional development

There are more reasons why it is important to breastfeed your baby; but did you know mothers benefit from it too?

•    It helps the mother to cope up physically and emotionally after giving birth
•    It helps burn extra 500 calories per day
•    It helps build a stronger emotional bond with the baby
•    It helps the mother relax; according to research, breastfeeding can produce a surge of oxytocin, which help the mother relax and feel calm.
•    It helps save money and time
•    It helps reduce the risk of acquiring diabetes, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, and endometrial cancer in later life women.

However, not all mothers are able to supply enough milk for their baby. Fortunately, there’s a safe way to support breastfeeding through the best lactation supplements for breastfeeding mothers, here are a few of them:

1. Honest Lactation Plus

The supplement is scientifically and carefully formulated with a unique blend of organic fenugreek, organic shavatari, organic fennel, organic milk thistles, organic marshmallow and more. The formula helps support breast milk production and the healthy supply of it.
It is organic, made with quality ingredients, pure, potent, formulated according to USDA NOP standards, and made without gluten, soy, artificial sweeteners, and more.

2. Mother Knows Best Goats Rue Pills

Another safe solution to boost breast milk supply in just 24-48 after your first dose; it is carefully and scientifically formulated with potent herbs such as fenugreek seed and milk thistles. It is free from allergen – just pure and natural ingredients including the Goats rue herb.

3. Mother Knows Best Lactation Cookies

If you are sick of taking lactation pills, you can try these safe lactation cookies from Mother Knows Best. The cookies are made from thistle herb, oats, brewer’s seed, and flaxseed. Also, the cookies are a good source of vitamins and minerals.

4. NOW Foods Brewer’s Yeast

Although this supplement is not entirely marketed for lactation purposes, it is known for its galactagogue effect – help promote lactation in humans.

5. UpSpring Baby Milkflow Fenugreek Powder Berry Drink Mix

It is one of the best options that can help boost breastfeeding. The flavored lactating supplement is formulated with potent and concentrated herbal ingredients including the milk thistles and fenugreek.

If in case you want to drink the powdered supplement, you can always mix it with a smoothie, juice, and more.

Breastfeeding is important to both mother and child. So, help yourself produce enough milk through the help of the mentioned safe lactation supplements.

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