Top Seller Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

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Are you thinking of redecorating your home? 

Refurbishing your home’s interior is not an easy task. You have to consider the theme and the right decorations you want to add that will complement your home’s interior design. But one thing you must remember in renovating your home is picking the right decorations that are both useful in improving a room’s aesthetics and those that can promote relaxation too.


One of the best-seller home decorations this year is the rock salt lamps. As its name tells, this unique lamp is made from Himalayan rock salt. A salt lamp looks elegant and stunning. Placing one in your room can certainly uplift the space’s liveliness. Moreover, using rock salt lamps also offers health benefits. It can help you to relax, sleep better and boosts energy.

Due to the advantages of rock salt lamps, many are using this home decoration. In fact, you can find a wide variety of this lamp differing in shape, color, and sizes. To begin with, here are the reviews of the best salt lamps available this year.

My Perfect Nights 

The name alone of this Himalayan salt lamp promises peaceful sleep each night. This Himalayan salt lamp is one of the most popular in the market because of its beautiful aesthetics and health benefits. In addition, the My Perfect Nights is a certified 100 percent pure Himalayan rock salt.

This rock salt lamp has many amazing features. Here are some of its features that you should not miss.

  1. Has a 15W adjustable bulb
    2. Has a dimmer dial to let you control the brightness of the lamp
    3. Creates a soothing light
    4. Has the ability to absorb air pollutants and allergens
    5. A perfect air purifier and deodorizer for home

Levoit Kana 

Although the Levoit Kana has a rough outer surface, it looks magnificent with its lights on. This rock salt lamp is surely interesting with its amazing features that come at an affordable price. Here are what you can expect from using Levoit Kana rock salt lamp.

  1. Produces a relaxing light which is perfect for bedroom and offices
    2. Made of pure Himalayan rock salts
    3. Uses a 15W bulb
    4. Has an adjustable dimmer
    5. Has a 7ft power cord for convenience

Natural Himalayan Carved Salt Lamp 

There are several sizes and shapes of the Himalayan salt lamp in the market. Among the rock salt lamps available in the market, one brand you will certainly enjoy is the Natural Himalayan Carved salt lamp. This certified authentic Himalayan salt crystal has features that are worth investing in.

  1. Made of high-quality Himalayan salt rocks obtained from the best Himalayan mountain sources
    2. Has a unique design that is hand carved
    3. Has Indian rosewood for base
    4. Has a long-lasting 15W bulb
    5. Has an adjustable dimmer switch and a 6ft long power cord

Do you want to learn more about these Himalayan salt rock lamps?

You can go to the Lamps Lights & Shade for additional details. This web portal offers product reviews on the best seller rock salt lamps in the market.

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