Ways to Improve Circulation

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2Having good circulation is relevant for a healthy body and mind. The circulatory system distributes oxygen throughout the body and it helps to get rid of waste. When you have poor circulation, the different parts of your body would not be able to function well, your brain won’t be able to think clearly, your fingers and toes would feel numb, and you would not have the energy you need to do your daily tasks. Working on your blood circulation would do great wonders to your overall health and fitness and can be a stepping stone to a healthier body. So, how would you improve your circulation? Check out the tips below.




Many kinds of exercises are great in improving the blood circulation. You can go to the gym or take walks for thirty minutes every day. Your circulatory system is affected by the movements of your body. Cardio exercises, swimming, push-ups, and boxing are just some that can help you increase your circulation. If it is impossible to go for regular exercises because of work, try to walk home sometimes or walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. You can also go hiking or join a marathon during your spare time.




Aromatherapy massages or other kinds of massage can help greatly in improving the circulation all throughout your body. Massage on the outer extremities of your body would help the blood flow to the tip of your toes and fingers, preventing it from becoming numb. There are different oils that can be good for circulation when used during a massage. Examples are rosemary and peppermint. Healthy




Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats and lean proteins should be included in your diet to get your blood flowing. Green tea is also a proven beverage to help in improving your blood circulation. As well as iron-rich foods, vitamin B, soya, copper, zinc, selenium, manganese, roots and cayenne pepper. They help in the development of blood cells and promote the vascular health. Reduce Caffeine and Alcohol Stimulants such as coffee, some teas, energy drinks, cigarettes and some diet pills affect your blood. Drinking a cup or two of your daily brew and a glass of red wine actually helps in making the blood vessels and heart healthier. However, too much of these compounds can cause high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.


Warm Bath and Sauna


Hot water can help in improving circulation and relieving tense muscles. Adding some essential oils to your bath would allow the oxygen to flow better. Studies have shown that thirty minutes of a warm bath or fifteen minutes of a sauna can increase the blood flow and improve the function of the heart. You can also scrub your body while in the bath or sauna. Scrubbing would help stimulate the circulation.


Leg Elevation


Elevating your legs to above your heart for three to four times a day is a natural way to increase your blood circulation. You can put pillows under your legs when you lie down or use a zero gravity chair that would help you achieve the perfect position in order for your blood to keep flowing. (You can click here to read some honest reviews of the top zero gravity chairs).

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