Web Hosting: What is it and How Does it Work?

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Creating and publishing a website is an effective method of boosting internet visibility. But before posting a website, you need to learn one of the basics called web hosting. 

Web Hosting

Computers and the internet vastly influenced education, communication, health care, and the commerce sector. Since the dawn of the internet, information has become more accessible, and transactions can be done despite being from opposite parts of the world. It has also transfigured the business industry. The rapid technological advancement and internet use allowed businesses to spread their reach globally. Indeed, the opportunities became limitless with this technological revolution.

Given the relevance of the internet in today’s age, how can you establish an internet presence?

Building a website is one step in building an internet presence. However, creating a website is not enough. You have to publish it on the web to make it work.

A Background on Web Hosting

Establishing internet visibility begins with web hosting. It is a service that allows organizations or private individuals to publish a website or web page on the internet. Many consider it as a tool in pushing internet presence and visibility. Hence, one could not post a website without web hosting.

A web host is a company that centralizes on providing web hosting services through rendering technologies and services that allows you to publish a website on the internet.

Most web host service providers are reachable online. You can go to this page to find out reputable and trusted hosting companies.

How does it Work? 

The first thing you need to do is find a web hosting service and sign up. You will have to pay for the membership to avail of their services.

After signing up, the web host will provide you a space on their special computers known as servers. Web hosting works like rental but online. You are renting a space on the hosting service’s physical server where all the data and files necessary for your website to work is kept.

A person has to type the website address or domain in the browser to look up the website. The person’s computer will connect to the server; then, your website or web page will appear on the search results or direct them to your website.

The web host is responsible for storing your website data. Moreover, they ensure that your website is available 24/7. Their work also includes keeping the server in operation and guarantee that your website is secure from malicious attacks.

What are the Features of Web Hosting? 

Web hosting services come with various features. Below are the common services that you can expect from a web host provider.

  • Create a domain email account provided by the hosting company ;
  • Offers FTP access that allows you to upload files from a local computer to the web server;
  • Provides page builders
  • Comes with automated website backup and developer tools
  • 24/7 customer support service
  • The software installs for WordPress and other online website creation tools

Web hosting is indeed relevant for publishing a website. It keeps your website running, accessible, and protected.

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