Why Buy a Radar Detector for a Car

Published January 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

2Installing a radar detector in a car isn’t universally accepted especially by the law enforcement. After all, with it, they’ll have a hard time catching those who are going over the speed limit. However, as questionable as it may be, there are actually some practical situations wherein having a radar detector installed can be extremely useful. Of course, this opens up the possibility of law-breaking by the car owner. But ultimately, it’s a test of character and sense of responsibility. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why it’s worth buying a radar detector and installing it in the vehicle.

  1. Driving long hours.

Anyone who has tried driving for more than six hours understands how much of a bore it is. Road trips are fun if they’re with a group. But the driver gets to have the least enjoyment. If traveling alone, it’s never a fun experience, and truck drivers can attest to that. So what makes this situation somewhat justifiable to have a radar detector on board? It’s simple, really. It’s because those who have put in hours upon hours of driving straight have less accurate sense of judgment. And that judgment includes their vehicle’s speed. While there is indeed a speedometer on board, drivers can’t constantly fix one eye on it.

  1. Bad sense of speed judgment.

To some degree, it sounds like a bad excuse. In the first place, drivers’ licenses are issued to make sure that anyone who is behind a wheel has a good sense of judgment. But let’s be honest for a second. Some people simply have the penchant for gross miscalculations and misestimations. And whether we like it or not, there are people like that who has drivers’ licenses. If you happen to be one of them, having none but the best radar detector can save a few bucks from tickets. Think of its alert as being reprimanded and given a warning by men in uniform, sans the ticket. Don’t think of it as a means to evade the law, but to try and follow it without the heavy fines in cases of accidental infractions.

  1. Getting used to driving a performance car.

Performance sports cars are nothing short of impressive, which is why anyone who has never tried using one, and have only driven slow cars in their entire life, will find it difficult to get used to their new cars’ capabilities. Those who own one would be lying through their teeth if they claim that there’s no temptation to floor the pedal for top speed. Those who give in, though, should be prepared to face the consequences. Even with a radar detection unit on board, if the driver disregards warnings and alerts, reckless driving can lead to accidents.

When buying a radar detector, it’s imperative to go for newer models. Older ones are a bit dubious in terms of effectiveness since law enforcement has come up with their own means of counteracting the functions of radar detectors. Newer models can also connect to a smartphone interface, which is a huge advantage in this mobile phone ubiquitous world.


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