Why It’s a Good Idea to Buy a Running Watch

Published December 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

1Even with the rise in popularity of follow-along dance workout videos, running is still the first thing that comes to mind for people who wish to change their health status for the better. The minimalistic nature of running is perhaps the reason why it’s the go-to activity for people who want to get into a fitter shape. However, minimalist as running may be, an important equipment that non-competitive and professional runners consider as an indispensable is a running watch. But how can wearing something on top of running clothes and shoes be considered minimalist? It’s actually pretty nifty to have because a capable running watch can replace a bulky GPS device, a phone, and a music player. Yes, a phone can do all these, but not without bouncing around. And that’s where a good running watch comes in. Here are compelling reasons why runners should invest in a good running watch.

  1. Comprehensive tracking of progress.

Most of the best running watches with GPS far outmatch clumsy and bulky GPS devices. The GPS functionality of running watches helps considerably in tracking running progress, whether if the objective is to increase distance or to reduce run time on a set distance. In addition to this, running watches can also provide useful heart monitor data for people who are more concerned about their cardiovascular health’s progress more than their distance covered. Quantifiable progress paves the way to constant improvement.

  1. Extra push.

Just like how spending money for the cost of a personal trainer feels like an extra push of motivation, so does buying a workout equipment. In the case of running, these can be a running watch and a good pair of shoes. It helps to have already invested on something and feel a sense of remorse of they don’t end up being used. And just like personal trainers, running watches can remind their client – their owner – that it’s time for another run. It’s worth noting that a person who is hell-bent on quitting won’t be convinced to run by even the loudest of running watches or alarm clocks. Still, it helps those who still have some fire in them to power through their exercises and eventually make it a habit.

  1. Convenient voice or feedback prompts.

Again, similar to the analogy of a personal trainer, running watches can provide real time prompts. Some can even be life-saving, such as warning the runner that they are nearing dangerous heart rate levels. For the majority, live prompts are used mostly for notification that another mile is covered, or five minutes have passed. It’s a coach who’s highly adaptable and customizable – and cheaper in the long run.

A word of caution for people who are yet to buy their first running watch is to always keep in mind that not every watch in the market is made to be up to standards. When in doubt, it might be a good idea to look into brands that have already built a good name for themselves. Also, it’s highly recommended to check reviews found on the Internet to know which brands to avoid or which ones to go for.

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