Why You Should Start Learning to Play the Piano

Published November 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

Piano is one of the most common played instruments in the whole world. If you ask those who are currently learning how to play it or those who are currently jamming it the reason why they do it, the common response is either to express their emotions or they just simply are interested with the instrument. In some, playing piano might be an escape from trouble or it may also be an outlet to let off steam. Musical instruments, more particularly the piano has been a great tool to develop oneself.


Learning how to play the piano can definitely benefit you in many ways; it may be of emotional, intellectual, or mental benefits. Here are some of these benefits.

1. It sharpens one’s intellect. Through learning and practicing piano, the intellectual and cognitive abilities of the person are being used. By doing this, it uses certain parts of the brain responsible for reasoning and math. Also, practicing the piano can improve one’s memory; verbal memory in particular. This practice can also develop good habits such as perseverance, diligence, creativity, and focus.

2. Gives peace of mind.Experts have conducted studies regarding the effect of playing the piano with one’s mental health. They concluded that spending time with music and playing the piano can improve a person’s mental health. Those who are exposed to music experience less depression and anxiety compared to those who have no music in their hearts. Also, results show that playing the piano can also be a form of stress reliever. With this, it is also used as a therapy for those who suffer from ADD or also known as Attention Deficit Disorder.

3. Improve one’s body. It is said that despite sitting down while playing the piano, it is also a form of exercise. Although it is different from those that go to the gym regularly, this exercise can also improve your physical health. For example, while learning to play the piano, a person may be able to improve his or her fine motor skill and hand-eye coordination. For those who are of the age, they may develop an increase on Human Growth Hormone resulting to slowing of the adverse effect of aging.

4. It encourages creativity. Music can take us to places without the need to ride a plane or drive a car. It can broaden our perspective on things and it can be limitless. The peaceful and calming sound of the piano keys feeds our minds and imagination with ideas resulting to creative learning.

These benefits will hopefully open the minds of those aspiring pianists. For those who are still starting, it may not be practical to purchase big pianos so it might be safe to start with ordinary keyboards; you can eventually step up your game when the interest continues to grow. It is best to start with cheap piano keyboards. Although it may be cheap, it doesn’t mean that the quality should be left out from the decision making. There are many piano keyboards in the market that are cheap but still provide better sound.

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