Why You Should Try Sleeping With a Humidifier?

Published October 25, 2018 in Uncategorized

It is a fact that most people prefer non-humid conditions during the summer or hot season. There are still a few that long for well a moisturized atmosphere during winter or cold seasons for one reason or another.


Our skin is by far the largest organ of our bodies. It is majorly made up of water and requires moist air to stay healthy. Having a humidifier at our homes can help prevent drying and cracking of the skin. This is why you need one of these when you have dry skin.

When you are in a congested environment, you tend to breathe through the mouth. This causes our lips, throat as well as the cilia in our nose to dry out. Lips then start cracking and chapping. Ensuring that the air is moist will enable your respiratory system to stay clear.

Humid air is good for your lungs because it maximizes the lung functioning. Lungs are able to expand and contract freely, hence the process of respiration goes on smoothly. The natural atmospheric air is impure because of the presence of dust particles, pet dander, and mold spores. Although a reasonable amount of these particles are trapped in the nose when we breathe, there are some still make it to our lungs.

When the air is too dry, our lungs become less elastic and their ability to expel excess particles becomes minimal. This makes them produce more mucus. Making our air moist using humidifiers will moisten the cilia in your nose and increase its ability to compel more particles and disease-causing germs.

Most of the people that have slept in a room that has a dry atmosphere wake up with a stuffy nose. There are those have admitted they cleared the nose of the stuffiness by having a hot shower. This arises from the idea that hot water will humidify the air and therefore moistening the cilia in the nose. This in turn makes it easy to breath.

You will enjoy many advantages by acquiring a whole house humidifier. Some of the benefits include the fact that your wood furniture will not dry out quickly and there will also a reduction in static electricity.

If your pocket is not wide enough to acquire a whole house humidifier system, you can go with the portable single room models available. They offer more or less the same benefits but have to be refilled and cleaned frequently compared to the whole house system. The best location for putting your portable humidifier is along the hallways of the bedrooms.

Ensure that you monitor the humidity level. Levels exceeding 35 percent can cause breeding of molds in your house, and this is definitely not something you want to experience.

The best advantage of having your own humidifier is that you can have a peaceful night sleep, free from congestion after a long day. This is so because breathing will be made a lot easier and limited germs will be able to access your lungs, hence a healthy night sleep.

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